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知識ベースワークフロー型三次元CAD/CAM SURFCAM

Hitting the Bullseye

Manufacturing products created just to be destroyed is all in a day’s work at Griffon Aerospace, which turns out high-precision remotely piloted aircraft destined to be shot down by the U.S. military. Remotely piloted aircraft manufacturer Griffon Aerospace increased accuracy and efficiency by choosing Surfcam.

Surfcam’s Role in Global Motor Industry Schools Competitio

Surfcam’s Czech Republic reseller organised the national leg of two global engineering competitions for schools, and helped the country winners prepare for the international finals.

Manufacturing Speed for Drag Boats

When there’s more to going fast than simply punching the accelerator, knowing how to harness the science of speed is what it takes to make — and break — records. Advanced Design Technologies, LLC, manufactures Top Fuel hydroplane drag boat transmissions and custom parts with help from Surfcam.

A History of Excellence

A stroll through the bustling plant of agricultural packaging giant F-D-S Manufacturing is a firsthand lesson in the power of innovation. The F-D-S Manufacturing Company has used Surfcam for nearly decades to produce its range of agricultural packaging products and remain competitive.